Is it Eco-friendly?


Our garments are made using a mixture of new and recycled materials. We hand make our garments, and do not have an industrial production system, which means minimal energy resources used.


We make and cut our garments consciously to keep wastage minimal. The textile wastage that can be recycled into other garments by us will be, and the scraps that we can't use will be passed on to facilities that recycle scraps.


We make everything in one place, we don't get some things made in China and ship here. The only time the clothes might travel across country is when they travel to you. Our fabric is sourced locally other than a few exceptions.


Our materials are of high quality and long lasting. We are not a fast fashion brand. Our designs are all-season, meaning they can be worn throughout the whole year.


We only encourage you to buy things you love from us. Our more avant-garde pieces may require dry cleaning and the rest can be hand washed, spot cleaned, and laundered. We don't recommend using a dryer for any of our garments, to prolong their life.


We can also repair some of your damaged NAKED gear. For cases when the clothes cannot be repaired, you can also send them to us to get recycled free of any charge to ensure them a happy afterlife.




by Rain Secil Turhan

Rain's Story

I, the creator of  NAKED, grew up in both Turkey and Canada which gave me a unique view and understanding of the world, as well as the amazing ability to masterfully mispronounce many English words.

Moving across the globe at the young age of 12 and a healthy dose of teenage angst newly added to the mix at this stage, my world seemingly turned completely inside out. I realized at this time how difficult it would be for a young teenage girl to move across the globe, reality hit me hard and I saw that not everyday is sunshine and rainbows. Soon after, I also realized that this is completely alright. Being human can be messy, and that’s alright. No need to deny our sadness, our grief and all of our true feelings as if they are some sort of shameful thing to be covered up. Our emotions, the good and the bad, are a part of us and they need our acknowledgement and that is what this experience taught me.

Now 26 years old, I want to help us all acknowledge all parts ourselves. This is the message behind NAKED APPAREL, to open up a safe space to process difficulties and to help us make peace with the whole of us. This brand is all about finding inner balance, acceptance of ourselves, and expressing ourselves freely. We all have a tendency to focus on the lighter things as we conceal and label darker things as evil and bad, however I want people to get in touch with their suppressed side through my designs and find harmony within themselves.

Also, through my experience of moving across the globe and not knowing how to speak a word of the language in an entirely new country, my need for self expression only tripled and turned into a burning desire. Therefore, my designs mean a lot to me, after all, they are the vessel of my self expression. However, at the end of the day, there are more important things that nothing in life can replace, and I never want my clothing to try to replace these, but rather be the vessel for them. LOVE and CONNECTION. Nothing in the world can replace Love and Connection.

'Don't hide.

You are a beautiful part of the mess that is human.'

                                                         - Rain













My happy place is fashion! I love clothing. They say so much about a person's identity. They express so much without a word being spoken. It can hold so much meaning for so many which is so beautiful. Fashion is a common ground for us all, as we all wear clothes! My only hope, is that NAKED bring you as much happiness as they have to me.

Having worked as an in house assistant designer for local top brands in the industry, I am equipped with all the right tools for the job. NAKED is my baby and my life, and I have what it takes to keep it alive and running.


NAKED Transparency


NAKED is something edgy yet comfy. Our job is to make sure you feel authentic and amazing inside & out.

Naked has your best interest in mind when communicating, we won’t use catch phrases and fancy words to try to manipulate your interest. We want you to feel authentically happy, whether you choose to wear NAKED or not.  We will respect your autonomy and individuality because you are perfect as you are.


Naked at it’s core is built on the idea of clothes that reflect your most vulnerable, hidden sides through style. It is to expose your hidden, beautiful and dark side <3 We love that side of you. It’s beautiful just as much as all other sides of you and it needs more credit! With that being said, we vow to do our best to be as transparent and upfront with our brand.